1. Tousled Curls

Summer can be a relaxed time of year. It is a perfect time to give your hair a rest from blowouts and flatirons…bring on the curls. Turn heads on Pearl Street with these super modern tousled curls.

Most of us have a bit of wave or texture in our hair. Let it be free with a cut that enhances the movement of your natural texture. Unite “Boing” Curling Cream or the Moroccan Oil Curl Cream are both great choices to enhance curls or wave.

Distribute the product in the hair with a wide tooth comb then scrunch and twist sections and let air dry. In a hurry? Go ahead and diffuse the hair and add some curled pieces (only when the hair is completely dry), holding your curling iron vertical and wrapping the hair around the rod of the iron.

This is a great look for a mid-length lob (long bob) as well!

2. Boho Braids

I have an aunt who would braid my hair as a young girl and it would instantly give me an unnecessary eight year old face lift. There would not be one hair out of place and the braid would stay in, I swear, for three straight days.

These two photos are more grown-up versions. The side braid (left photo) is slightly gathered to the side and loosely braided with texture. When the hair is dry, lift up the hair and spray with Unite Tricky Spray Finishing Wax, with 50% hairspray, 50% wax. It will give you instant separation, texture and hold. You will be giving the hair a more “lived in” look.

For more of a controlled look (right photo), I love the contrast between the blunt fringe and the ethereal braid on Erin Fetherston. Her platinum color is so divine as well!

Whether you’re going to the pool with the kids, to the Boulder’s famers market or to a friend’s BBQ, this is a stylish alternative to the pony.

3. Low Pony 

Always classic, always chic, a low ponytail is a great way to wear second day hair. Sprinkle Unite Expanda Dust Volumizing powder near the roots for added volume and throughout the hair for texture. Use your fingers to “rake” the hair back into a low pony.

Never underestimate the power of the pony!


4. Low Knotted Bun

The low knotted bun is the ponytail’s untailored cousin. This unfussy style is so feminine and pretty, it softens the face instantly. If the hair is long enough it can be divided into two big sections and literally be tied in a couple knots and pinned with hair and bob pins.

Another approach would be to gather the hair in a hair tie and twist the pony while making a bun, pinning as you go while letting the hair fall out a bit.

5. Mid-Length

Oh, the mid-length … never to be looked at again as a “growing out” length. This length has become a hit in recent hairstyle trends. Mid length is just enough length to look stylized and yet not too long to draw the face down. This length is probably the most versatile for many different face shapes, hair textures and ages.

Boulder is lookin good!