A Guide To Getting Camera-Ready For The Big Day

·         He just popped the question: When you have your date and venue, schedule your hair stylist right away. The great hair stylists get booked out far in advanced.

Be sure to do a hair and makeup trial at least a month before your wedding.

Be sure to do a hair and makeup trial at least a month before your wedding.

·         Be clear to her/him on how many people are getting upstlyes compared to blowouts in your wedding party.

·         Three months before: Apply conditioning treatments to hair on the regular. Try conditioning every week in the shower and let it sit 5-10 minutes at a time (concentrate the conditioner on your mid-length to ends of your hair).  This is YOUR time in the shower while your conditioner is doing its magic to visualize your gorgeous hair on your wedding day.  Shine on!

·         At least three weeks or more out:  Schedule a rehearsal/practice upstlye with your stylist.  You have been researching on Pinterest, etc. for a while, now show some imagery to your stylist and communicate the aesthetic of your wedding to her/him.  Give them a “feeling” that you want your hair to portray to go along with your dress and décor. And DON’T be afraid to let them know that you maybe don’t like something about the style as you are practicing your different looks.

·         Two weeks out: You have been growing your hair out forever at this point, make sure you are scheduled with your stylist to get a trim at this time. The week of the wedding will be too busy; not the best time to get a cut…think maybe more along the lines of a massageJ

·        One - two weeks out: make sure your groom-to-be is taking care of.  He has a cut lined up and has a “direction” with his cut. I love this: “If your groom doesn’t think that his wedding day look is important, do him a favor and tell him otherwise. He’ll thank you for it when he sees his smart self in all of his wedding photos. Better yet, show him. Many salons put together look books for brides, but it’s also a great idea to assemble a portfolio of men’s looks. Find photos of good looking grooms at elegant weddings to demonstrate the importance of looking smart and polished at the altar. “ –Thom Priano

·         A week and a half out: Get your color done.  There is nothing like fresh color. It makes for a beautiful photograph. Even if you are “a la natural” it would be a good idea to at least get a gloss/glaze on the hair to make it reflect more light in your photos.

·         The day of: Rock your man’s button up. After your style is done, you certainly don’t want to ruin it with a shirt that has a neck line that you would potentially cut off to not mess up your beautiful hair.

·         Pack a hair bag with the essentials like bob pins, hair pins, hair spray, a soft bristle toothbrush and hair paste to control fly-aways. Yes, a tooth brush (soft bristle) to use to smooth unruly hair line hair, works like a charm.

·         Make sure you have booked out ample amount of time for your hair to get styled along with the wedding party.  It is a really fun time to have all the girls getting gorge together, so ENJOY IT!

Peace, love and good hair-

Liz at Goldie and Bob Salon