Your blow dryer, that thing that sits in a drawer dormant until  you bust it out expecting to blast your hair dry in minutes.

The damage can be minimal unless too much heat is applied.  Hair itself is very porous and if enough heat is applied at a fast rate with enough water inside the hair shaft, the water can actually boil. When this happens in the hair shaft, it can cause areas that actually weaken the hair and make it more susceptible to breaking.

Not cool, especially when you are dealing with long hair.  Think about it, that hair that makes the hair long has been on your head for a while.  It needs TLC.  I always joke to my clients that the hair at the ends is like an elderly person and you need to take extra special care of it, it is more fragile.  The best thing you can do to maintain its youth is to get regular haircuts (even if it is an inch or under) every 6 weeks or so.

When blow drying, start with a heat protectant product.  Kevin Murphy uses X-HP technology in all of their products from shampoo, conditioners to styling products.  X-HP is a complex, which is a blend of natural ingredients that are used in the treatment of burns.  They are packed with anti-oxidants, essential oils and amino acids that are essential for the repair of damaged hair.  I can’t tell you how important it is to use foundation products before blow drying.  If you think about your hair like fabric, you need to “treat” certain kinds of fabric to get it to perform.

4 Steps for a Beautiful Blowout

Step 1: Start with a foundation product that contains a heat protectant and supports hold when styling.

Step 2: With the dryer on a high power, medium heat begin to “power dry” the hair. Be sure to move the dryer around, don’t stay in one place too long.

Step 3: Concentrate on drying the root area first, by lifting it off your scalp with your fingers.

Step 4: If you are going to use a styling brush, section off the hair into subsections for more control. At this point a higher heat can be applied.

Now is the time to apply the concentrator to the nozzle of your blowdryer.

If you still feel like you have two left hands, consider booking an appointment to get a blowout class from your stylist.

Here are some of my favorite blow dryers:



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twin turbo