First of all, I love Claire’s style.  She comes in always looking great and stylish, which makes it easy for me to get inspired.  Claire would definitely be photographed for one of these “style on the street” blogs like STREET PEEPER for her look. 

mod hairstyle.jpg

As far as keeping her hair stylish, we wanted to go for a Mod feel to her haircut.  In Mod fashion the focus was on bright colors, horizontal and vertical lines, and exaggerated patterns.  I wanted to take an element of those Mod characteristics and showcase them in Claire’s hair.

Her hair’s texture and density are both fine.  Keeping the focal point of her haircut within her fringe and around the face creates a greater density and interest.  I cut the fringe with slight asymmetry with more of a blunt line.  The rest of the shape has a longer layer for movement.